Car disassembled for car audio installation

Who else, who less, we all like to enjoy the music driving. A pleasure that for some people can become an exciting hobby , as is the car audio; Or what is the same, to modify the equipment of series to improve its quality.

And if one is also a great enthusiast and connoisseur of the secrets of sound, as is friend and fellow Oscar fan, you can end up with a car like yours ; Equipped with a sound worthy of the best halls HiFi. And if you do not believe it, read on!

Radio CD high end, McIntosh MX5000

McIntosh MX5000 installed on the dashboard

The first thing we see as we ride in this car, it dilates the pupils … And with attractive vintage beauty, the source that converts data from the CD (yes, yes, it only reads CDs, no MP3) in an unbroken Audio is, as it is today, a myth that we may never see anything in the market again.

McIntosh , the prestigious Hi-End salon sound brand, dominated the most exquisite audio car not long ago producing this radio CD show that hid the most sophisticated digital technology inherited from decades of supremacy in the hi-fi world.

Car audio source McIntosh MX5000

High-precision CD reading mechanism, copper chassis for minimization of interference, signal-to-noise ratio of more than 110 dBs, 24-bit converters … impressive numbers that for many are only in numbers when describing it as one of the sources With better sound quality than ever existed in the car audio.

And an external CAD, in case it could be improved …

McIntosh External DAC

As if the internal electronics of the MX5000 were not exceptional, McIntosh did not settle and created an external DAC (digital to analog converter) even better than the source itself, to demonstrate the quality that can be achieved when there is no Space constraints.

The lucky ears that have been able to listen to this equipment before and after installing it, concluded that the DAC subtly elevated the quality of the sonorous experience that already offered the source by itself.

Amplification at the level of the best salons

Genesis amplifier trunk

The amplification is carried out by four stages Genesis , the mythical British brand that in the 1990s helped to raise the quality standards of car audio to the level of best hifi.

Designed by engineer Gordon Taylor and handcrafted in England, they gained prestige for their natural and clean sound very close to what an ideal amplifier should do, simply amplify .

Genesis culminated its success with the famed Series III before it had to close because it could not compete on costs with a new wave of lower quality, mass-produced amplifiers in China. But luckily Oscar, the owner of this car sailed through the recesses of the international market of occasion, to get four of these jewelry collection.

Two monophonic amplifiers for woofer

Genesis Miniblock Amp

To amplify the woofers , he purchased two Genesis Miniblock monophonic amplifiers, one per speaker. This model offers unlimited electronic current delivery of up to 80 amperes, a very high damping factor and an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of over 110 dBs. Ideal for woofers that require control and in turn need to emit with maximum clarity in the midrange.

The Coral XL10 subwoofer and passive subwoofer are powered by the 800 Watts RMS of a powerful Dual Mono Extreme Genesis .

And Class A amp for treble

Genesis DMA Amplifier in Collector's Box

The icing on the tweeter is a Genesis Dual Mono A , one of the few amplifiers that has existed in the car audio with a large range of work in class A ,   To transmit every detail of the music with the delicacy and transparency that gives it the absence of distortion of crossing by 0 of this electronic architecture.

Morel loudspeakers, high fidelity toe brand

Supreme Morel Woofer installed in door

The speakers that move the air of the passenger compartment of this car are also one of those exclusive brands that fight for the throne of the living room hifi; The Israeli Morel . Concretely a two-way Morel Supreme kit.

Tweeter Morel Supremo Piccolo installed in upright

A very flat response, a power input of 200 W rms and a really low distortion level.The two woofer on the doors and the two tweeters on the windshield pillars work in a perfect combination to turn electricity into music with the recognized consistency and precision that put Morel at the top of high fidelity.

The key is in the installation

There are few artisan car audio installers because of the crisis. But if something has the relentless law of supply and demand is that those who remain, are really good. If I had to leave the installation of my car in the hands of one of these experts, what better to leave it in those of one who is also a musician, right ?

Xavi of Audio Mobile regulating amplifiers

And is that Xavier Paz of, in A Coruña, has been the professional in charge of doing whatever it takes to make this car sound like the owner had in mind.

Drawer for amplifiers in the trunk

From the double bottom that houses the amplifiers in the trunk, to the pillars of the modified windshield or the drawer of the subwoofer, all this meticulous work is done with both sound and aesthetic integration.

Coral XL10 subwoofer drawer adapted to the side of the trunk

Soundproofing and cabling

Battery connector solder

Wiring channeled through corrugated pipe or snake skin under carpets, gold plated connections, and even welded power connectors to allow better current transmission are some of the hidden details that have also been carefully guarded .

Soundproof door with Dynamat and woofer installed

The design of the doors, so important in an installation to achieve a defined bass, has been made by coating the interior sheet of the doors with sheets of bituminous material Dynamat , as well as firmly fixing the woofers on stabilizing rings made for the occasion.

Otherwise, the installation hides other details of excellence such as improved passive filters for speakers with Mundorf Supreme capacitors, or even a voltage regulator to keep the voltage of the battery that powers the equipment always stable even at high volumes .

From large facilities to quality

McIntosh Mx5000 installed in dashboard

There is no doubt that thanks to the great work of Xavi and Oscar, this is one of the best car audio installations for quality that rolls on our roads.

If like me, you are a fan of good sound and someday you meet Oscar in one of the national hangouts that are made in the world of car audio, you have to do whatever it takes to make a demonstration of your team, because insurance That experience will be worth it!